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The history of ELLEGI, began forty years ago, it is a background full of rich moments of great value for us.
From the very beginning, we worked on research and our handmade artisans products, with a background of hard work in skills, which prepared the firm as a reliable and versatile partner in the delivery of padded fittings for funeral coffins.

During our long period of work in this activity, we saw big changes in taste and fashion, besides the evolution in materials of production. That which always remained the same was the passion with which the staff of ELLEGI worked in the production of these fittings.

ELLEGI as a choice, presents high quality handmade products without compromising in the quality, offering that which the client needs in all Italian styles: the workshop, in fact, as always in Spresiano, in the north east of Italy, in a place where the efficiency of production meets with the artistic culture of the venetians. Here there are all the phases in the selection of materials, planning and realization, by hand, of ELLEGI’s products.

To trust in ELLEGI, today, means choosing a handmade patrimony, a trademark in time.